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Based in the Netherlands, Vuurtoren Editing offers comprehensive proofreading, copy editing, and suggestions on style in English, with a special emphasis on ESL academic writing in the humanities. Thoroughness is our business, and we are committed to transforming every text we read into errorless, clear, beautiful English prose.

Each editing job begins with a free estimate. Send us your writing, and within 48 hours you will receive detailed edits on the first page along with the cost of completing the entire document.


Rates and Services


The standard rate for comprehensive editing and suggestions on style is €35 / 1000 words.



If your text demonstrates near-native proficiency, or you would like to have your document read for grammatical errors alone, the rate is €27,50 / 1000 words.


In exceptional cases, your writing may need extra time to edit thoroughly, for which the rate is €45 / 1000 words.

Second Read Guarantee

It’s not possible to definitively correct every error in a text. Often there are multiple solutions to stylistic faults, and it will be up to you, the writer, to make the final decision. That’s why we offer a second read guarantee. Once you have incorporated all edits and suggestions, we will gladly reread your writing to ensure the final document is free from errors. Second edits are FREE for documents up to 10.000 words. For documents above 10.000 words, a 10% surcharge applies.


Vuurtoren Editing also offers translations (Dutch to English) at 0,14€ / word.

Discounts are available for large editing projects. Please be in touch if your document exceeds 50.000 words.


All prices above are inclusive of VAT.

Rates and Services


Edward Jacobson received a PhD in musicology at the University of California, Berkeley in 2020. Prior to Berkeley, Dr. Jacobson studied at the University of Notre Dame (BA 2013, summa cum laude) and New College, Oxford. He began Vuurtoren Editing when he moved to the Netherlands in 2017.

Edward is a thorough, yet understanding and communicative editor, working in a very professional manner. He did some great work for a book published with Royal Brill. I highly recommend him.

–Prof. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Texts and Traditions (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Why Vuurtoren?

The business takes its name from the Dutch word for lighthouse, a loving homage to Virginia Woolf’s 1927 novel To the Lighthouse. Throughout her novels and numerous essays, Woolf demonstrated her total mastery over the English language, and few people have ever written sentences as consistently complex, beautiful, and incisive as hers. Reading Woolf is many things: inspiring, humbling, occasionally challenging, but always a joy. Discovering Woolf utterly transformed my own writing, and her words are a daily source of consolation.

Her views on writing were ambitious if not quixotic. An essay, she tells us, “should lay us under a spell with its first word, and we should only wake, refreshed, with its last. In the interval we may pass through the most various experiences of amusement, surprise, interest, indignation; we may soar to the heights of fantasy with Lamb or plunge to the depths of wisdom with Bacon, but we must never be roused. The essay must lap us about and draw its curtain across the world.” 


That is an admirable goal, one to which all writers of nonfiction should aspire.

Why Lighthouses?


For your free estimate, please attach your writing as a Word document

Vuurtoren Editing

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